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buildings with a hundred floors,
spinning 'round revolving doors.
baby i don't know where they'll take me.

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Friday, November 19, 2010 // 9:22 PM

Sorry for not posting for so long (somebody really motivate me to blog).
and some passerby came to my facebook to post something
hilarious , funny ttm. so what if they are getting married. is it my problem? passerby, i think you can't see how awesome my life are. I'm so busy with my own personal thingy and clubbing/pubbing life's. -.- you go ahead la, i don't really care even. don't put words in my mouth.
[end] , and hahaha yes now i singing to you leh. but you can't heard how awesome my voice are.

first i wanna say that heard of selina recent news , i'm praying for her everyday.
hope she get well soon , yes i'm hardcore fans of her.
lastest news she is getting better, (Y)

^^ NANA/pub. Cineleisure with Shirley my babe + darling.

hong kong cafe.

outside NANA/pub.

yes , i dyed my hair. my current hairstyle.

me with some thailand girl. her name call apple, if i'm not wrong. :D

burberry thai disco with my two beloved babe. come on let picture speak, cause i'm in a rush to go club tonight. is friday night ah !! hehe. :D

drea & me,:D

felicia and me, :D

dinner buffet with sister and mummy. :>

cab to trader hotel, cost me around $14+

delicious food, tempting me again.-.-

3 of us, :D

going to update more soon, i have lots of updation. so what more can i bother un necessary stuff like childish only , hello 18 years old already not 3 year old kid k? -'-

Monday, October 18, 2010 // 2:11 PM

[ it's time to update]
&&& I'm very addicted to this song currently, by BEAST - MYSTERY. its fucking nice. super nice.
different days of working different days of outfit , different friends working with but same work.
its getting boring already this stupidsilly job, aw ~ my friends ask me to change a job. will consider first lar, cause this job quite slack leh. can snap picture can talk on phone chat with friends, do what we likes but when customer come in , its very busy and havoc. sighs !

alright a post before heading out tonight, going to have buffet @ trader hotel with mum & sis.
^ i must really update once a while if not my reader will be getting lower and lower.

did i mention i when to dye my hair and its turn out to be 3 colour tone. wtf?
reddish , brownish, blondish. but now currently reddish is gone, left with brownish and blondish. O: whatever like i care ah? cause i going to dye my hair on Wednesday again. hiak hiak hiak.

Yan Ling & Me , during working time, :D

Germain & Me ,during heroic days. at suntec but its closed down cause the sale its frigging bad.
damn, now I'm working at far east dusty, going to work on this Friday i guess ? might be, then off for 3 weeks. can havoc with friends soon, hahaha. i love the way i don't work at all, kinda miss that kind of life.

don't look at me , i wanted to go but too bad ticket are out of sale. idiot lar, i wanna see my girl generation cansxsx and shineee. grrs ~!!!
recently, too into Korean song one day don't listen to Korean song I'll feel weird. yes, its weird.

i want to see so many Korean group , when can i see them ? hahah.
heard that some of them are going zouk on the 21 nov, I'm still considering going or not?
ya,confirm a lot of hardcore fans there lor.

Thursday, October 7, 2010 // 8:52 PM

going to dye hair tml , yeah and meeting hamima for shopping i guess and at night i'll be heading down to boat quay with felicia & co. i misses her badly , ;/
2 different post in one post, actually i wanted to make it 3 but there is too many photo to upload and i wait till pekchek.
plus i know know know you reader say where Berlicial gone too?( missing in action)
yes too busy with life and so on with my beloved girlfr,:D
yes I'm back to update last month 2nd week till now activities. recently have been working non-stop and when I'm on leave going out nonstop and shopping nonstop and attended my belly dance and friend's birthday chalet. so many thing to elaborate. come on my life are like frigging busy, no time to care UN-necessarily thingy. right ? :)
illuma snap picture and my heel are killing me badly ;/ , i remembered. I sure Shirley remembered too. you don't tell me you forgotten hahaha.
picture do your job now ^^v

sakae sushi with Shirley and hamima after my work. tiring , ):
after work pamper myself a lil bit when to bugis street to get 2 different dress. cost me total : $27. whoot! ;D

follow by : Shirley & Me , :D Hamima & Me , :D

ok , this two girls always make me laughs like crazy infront of so many human. i think they will think that I'm mad, just came out from IMH? LAUGHS OUT LOUDLY.

Hamima say below this picture Shirley & Me like just know friend. not ok, we know each other like don't know how many years from I'm attach till single just that we seldom we meet up till this year, :D hehe. love her, she is also my best girlfr of this year. i love the way she are. :D

Wifey & Hubby , :D Wifey is me & Hubby is Shirley. (L)
for your info I'm not lesbian ok, just that i treat girl a better way than guys.

yes ending of this post. Shirley you can update yours blog too already. hahah, i know you guys wait for so damn long for me to update blog. no time man, since i started working. life are damn busy for me like nowadays.
Club @ Scape. Dorisa, your waiting long picture. please grab too.
sorry for letting you wait so long. i misses you and Felicia much ok? ;/
gonna meet up you all soon this coming Sunday for drinking session at boat quay. hehe.

LOL, don't see if your eye are hurts when you see my picture. thank you very muchie.

Dorisa & me , :D

she is damn frigging cool , she bring down her mum and dad too to this event. cool right? :)

lastly : end with my photo again.
too much to update. oh yeah not working at suntec anymore from this Sunday onwards I'll be working at far east plaza & i got my paid already. happy like fuck can , half of it already spend, x: to shopping and blog shop. i keep blog shopping nonstop , its an temptation. (L)